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We understand that grasping the basics of cryptocurrencies is tough at first, but we also know from experience it is key to successfully navigating your way through the space.

We are big advocates for learning and education for all things cryptocurrency, and have partnered with Everything Crypto Australia to secure a 50% discount exclusively for our members on what we believe to be the best place to start learning about cryptocurrency. Regularly AU$99, you can access the Cryptocurrency Primer Course for just AU$49. But before you buy, you can sample Module 1: The Evolution of Cryptocurrency for free.

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Why Take This Course

  • Relevant & Easy to Understand

    Through informative videos followed by quick quizzes this course gives you a solid, fact-based understanding of cryptocurrencies so you can move forward in the space with confidence.

  • Clear, Concise & On Your Time

    This course takes less than one hour to complete and you have 10 days' access once you begin. Information is segmented logically so you can pause when you need to and pick up where you left off.

  • Industry Approved & Trusted

    Endorsed by the industry body ADCA (Australian Digital Currency Association) and recommended by the very best exchanges in the country, this course provides education you can trust.

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